Our Values

  1. We are deeply committed to the basic laws and national values.
  2. We respect ethical values.
  3. Love and respect is essential in our relationships.
  4. We have the sense of responsibility. 
  5. We defend freedom of expression in any environment.
  6. We embrace participative management approach.
  7. We fullfill all our works with transparency and openness.
  8. Continuous learning  is our top priority.
  9. We respect to the environment and the nature.
  10. We are respectful of disparities.
  11. We aim to have the satisfaction of our staff, students and sharers.
  12. We combine the universality with the nationality and also the generality with the locality.
  13. We respect basic human rights as well as  universal and social values.
  14. We support the spread of  sports, art and aesthetic values.
  15. We aim for quality and excellence in our work.
  16. We are hardworking.