Our Faculty


Faculty of Education was founded on Firat University Rectorate Campus.  It was established upon the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 09.09.1997. Faculty of Education commenced lectures, for the first time, on September 18th of 1997. Initially, because there was no certain place for conducting the lectures, Faculty of Science shared its building with Faculty of Education. Faculty of Education moved to its first own building in the academic session 2005-2006. Next,  it moved  to its second building in the academic session 2007-2008 and currently sustaining  academic activities at these buildings.
Lecturers of our Faculty are joining scientific congresses, conferences, panels, seminars, exhibitions and symposia with their national and international publications every year. Also, many international events about science and sports are being organized at Fırat University every year.
The Faculty of Education offers undergraduate and graduate programs in many different fields.
Below you will find all our Undergraduate Programs:
Department of Computer Education and Educational Technology
Department of Educational Sciences
Department of Science Teaching
Department of Fine Arts Education
  •  Painting  Teaching Program
Department of Primary Education
  •  Elementary School Teaching Program
  •  Kindergarten Teaching Program
  •  Teaching of Mathematics Program
  •  Teaching of Science Program
  •  Teaching of Social Studies Program
Department of High School Social Studies
  • Teaching of Turkish Language Program
  • Teaching  of History Program
  • Teaching of Philosophy Program
  • Teaching of Geography Program
Department of High School Science and Mathematics Studies
  • Teaching of Mathematics Program
  • Teaching  of Physics Program
  • Teaching of Chemistry Program
  • Teaching of  Biology Program
Department of Turkish Language Education